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Turreted Busts              Let the entire page load before clicking on any of the "obverse" or "reverse" links

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Antoninus Pius, 138 - 161 AD
AE 25 of Laodicea ad Mare, Syria

Bust left / Turreted bust of city goddess Tyche

Comment- Turreted busts show the city goddess wearing a headdress depicting the city's gate, an interesting variation of the city gate theme. According to a CNG description, Tyche is wearing a headdress of a gateway with turrets, walls, and lighthouse. Dated 140 - 141 AD.

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Antoninus Pius, 138 - 161 AD
AE 25 of Laodicea ad Mare, Syria

Bust right / Turreted bust of city goddess Tyche

Comment- It appears that there are two doorways shown, the obvious front one and behind that, two more towers with a doorway between. Looking at the coin above it would be difficult to pick out which shape would be the lighthouse, but on this coin it's obvious that the lighthouse is on the upper level right, with a wide base and tall narrow top.

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Julia Domna, died 217 AD
AE 24 of Pautalia, Thrace

Bust right / Turreted bust of city goddess

Comment- There appears to be a doorway in the left section of the wall. Such fine details for such a small section on the coin.

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During the reign of Augustus, 24/23 BC
AE 18 of Orthosia, Phoenicia

Turreted bust of Tyche, counterstamp of smaller Tyche at back of neck / Figure in a biga pulled by griffins

Comment- Two Tyches for the price of one!

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Domitian, 69 - 96 AD
AE 23 of Philadelphia, Decapolis

Bust right / Turreted bust of Tyche

Comment- The usual thick heavy flan, this coin is in nice shape for coins of this area. The left tower looks like it has an arched window, but the detail is so small it's hard to tell for sure.

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Julia Mamaea, died 235 AD
AE 21 of Bostra, Arabia Petraea

Diademed, draped bust / Tyche wearing turreted crown, camel below

Comment- Camels were often depicted on coins of Bostra, an important stopover city in the trade route to Mecca.

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Gallienus, 253 - 268 AD
AE 21 of Troas, Alexandria Troas

Turreted bust of Alexandria Troas / Horse grazing

Comment- Notice the differences in the headdress between these two coins. The lines on the towers are different, and one has arched doorways while the other has square doorways.

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Gordian III, 238 - 244 AD
AE 31 of Edessa, Mesopotamia

Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / Turreted bust of Tyche facing small statue of Aquarius on pedestal

Comment- This coin caught my eye because of the unusual reverse.

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Philip I, 244 - 249 AD
AE 31 of Antioch, Syria

Radiate cuirassed bust right / Turreted city goddess with a ram over it

Comment- Nice details on both sides of the coin. The eyes attracted me to this coin.