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Various Cities              Let the entire page load before clicking on any of the "obverse" or "photo" links

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Maximus, 235 - 238 AD
AE 24 of Alexandria Troas

Bare head of Maximus right / Triumphal arch with three openings in perspective, with Nike raising shield, two trophies at either side

Troas Ruins Photo

Comment- The following write-up came with this coin: This is perhaps only the second known example of this reverse. Bellinger, Imhoof-Blumer and Price-Trell all refer to the same specimen (different from this coin). This example is clearly shown in perspective, with the left side of the structure being shown in full with a top line and columns, and the length of the top right side shown as a line.

Marvin Tameanko adds: "Your coin is very rare. I believe it was struck to honor a victory by the soldiers from that city or the veterans settled there by the Romans." Click here for a drawing Marvin did of the "other" reverse I mentioned above, the Imhoof-Blumer plate coin. His drawing was for an article he wrote on the coinage of Alexandria Troas, in the Journal of the Classical and Medieval Numismatic Society, September 2002.

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Valerian I, 253 - 260 AD
AE 30 of Tyre, Phoenicia

Dido standing, overseeing the building of Carthage. To the left, a mason at work on the city gate. Below, a man digging with a pick.

Comment- An interesting variation of the city gate theme. A hard coin to find in nice condition.

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Septimius Severus, 193 - 211 AD
AE 27 of Plotinopolis, Thrace

Laureate head right / City gate or triumphal arch, quadriga above

Comment- There are two people in the quadriga (Septimius Severus and Caracalla, co-emperors at the time), and two more people standing near it, one in front and one behind (standard bearers).

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Maximinus, 235 - 238 AD
AE 27 of Tomis, Moesia

Bust right / City gate or triumphal arch, quadriga above

Comment- A straight-on view of the person in the quadriga, with two horses facing left and two horses facing right.

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Gallienus, 253 - 268 AD
AE 22 of Prusias ad Hypium, Bithynia

Bust right / City gate

Comment- Unusual gate and tower details: fancy arch around doorway, windows in tops of towers and along top of wall, and a smaller arched doorway in each tower.

Augustus, 27 BC - 14 AD
AE 16 of Pella, Macedonia

City walls with 6 towers / Amazon shield

Comment- The small crescent shape shield used by Amazon women in battle is called a pelta. The reverse legend refers to two local magistrates of Pella. The Duoviri Quinquennales were involved every four years with taking a census. M FICTORIVS M SEPTVMIVS IIVIR QVINQ

RPC documents just 5 examples of this scarce leaded bronze.