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Elagabalus, 218 - 222 AD
AE 28 of Abila, Decapolis

Bust right / Cult figure within tetrastyle temple flanked by two crenulated towers

Comment- The engraver omitted the gate in the wall in order to show the main temple inside the city. There are windows in the upper story of each tower and doors at the bottom. Very rare coin in any condition, not often seen with this much detail.

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Valerian I, 253 - 260 AD
AE 26 of Tyre, Phoenicia

Bust right / Temple of Phoenician Koinon with murex shell below

Comment- At first glance you might think this temple looks like many other temple reverses, but it is actually very different. A very rare coin, especially in this good condition, showing full temple details and also the shell below.

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Solonina, wife of Gallienus
AE 20 of Damascus, Syria

Bust right / Temple in three dimensions upon podium with windows

Comment- The enormous base was constructed under the temple to make the structure look more monumental, and to raise the temple up to the gods in heaven. These podiums were so high they were used as storage rooms, shops, treasuries, etc. (Thanks to Marvin Tameanko for this information)

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Caracalla, 196 - 217 AD
AE 29 of Zela, Pontus

Bust right / Temple with 6 columns, the roof in 3 sections

Comment- This scarce city issued coins with many interesting architectural representations. Price and Trell call this roof style "broken pediment".

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Julia Domna, died 217 AD
AE 27 of Tripolis, Phoenicia

Draped bust right / Altar of Zeus Hagios in the form of a tetrastyle temple

Comment- Figures of Sol and Luna between the columns, and a flaming altar in the center. A very attractive coin with high relief and beautiful patina.

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Antoninus Pius, 138 - 161 AD
AE Drachm of Alexandria, Egypt

Bust right / Altar of Agathodaemon in the form of a tetrastyle temple

Comment- Statue of goddess (Eusebeia?), burning offering on top, and coiled serpents as acroteria. Agathodaemon was a collection of spirits related to the abundance of crops in the fields, represented by serpents, baskets, and the cornucopia. A classic example of an Alexandria drachm, it's huge with rounded obverse edges and the totally flat reverse.

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Gordian III, 238 - 244 AD
AE 22 of Deultum, Thrace

Bust right / Tetrastyle temple with a figure standing in the portico

Comment- Interesting three dimensional view. Good block details on the wall and roof.

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Julia Domna, died 217 AD
AE 24 of Berytus, Phoenicia

Draped bust right / Tetrastyle temple

Comment- Figure of Astarte standing facing, being crowned by Nike on column to right. Great colors on this coin, and an attractive obverse portrait.

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Elagabalus, 218 - 222 AD
AE 26 of Tripolis, Phoenicia

Bust right / Tetrastyle temple with flaming altar of Zeus Hagios in center

Comment- Helios to left and Diana holding torch to right. Nice brassy surface and plenty of details on the reverse. 

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Elagabalus, 218 - 222 AD
AE 26 of Tripolis, Phoenicia

Bust right / Decastyle temple with Astarte standing at top of stairway

Comment- Somewhat simple rendition of a temple, but each area of the temple has a different top. Triangular tops over the columns, arched top over the entrance, and a curved roofline over the entire temple. Almost every example I've seen of this coin has bad spots on the surface. 

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Nero, 54 - 68 AD

Laureate head right / Temple of Janus

Comment- Interesting details on the temple: blocks, barred window, and detailed closed doors. These details are usually more worn down.