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Philip I, 244 - 249 AD
AE 28 of Heliopolis/Baalbek

Bust right / Monumental stairway and portico to the Sanctuary of Jupiter at Heliopolis

Comment- The grand front entrance leading to the courtyard of the Sanctuary. Central arch, columns and two towers. At the foot of the stairs is a shrine (little temple) flanked by altars. The tree in the center of the colonnade is inside in the courtyard, probably in a grove sacred to Jupiter.

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Otacilia Severa, wife of Philip I, died 249 AD
AE 28 of Heliopolis/Baalbek

Bust right / Stairway and portico to the Sanctuary of Jupiter

Comment- This coin and the coin above are examples of family members sharing the same coin design. Worn and hard to photograph.

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Antoninus Pius, 138 - 161 AD
AE 28 of Ascalon, Judaea

Laureate head right / Complex structure depicting four doorways, one inside the other

Comment- With Marvin Tameanko's guidance, I have learned that this reverse is identified as Phanebal's Temple (Meshorer's book "City coins of Eretz-Israel & the Decapolis in the Roman Era). Phanebal was a deity specific to Ascalon. Mr. Tameanko (in his book, Monumental Coins) also theorizes that the Temple of Phanebal was designed to imitate the sacred First Temple in Jerusalem, built by Solomon. Price & Trell (Coins & Their Cities, Architecture of Greece, Rome & Palestine) call this reverse a portable Oriental shrine?!?

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Tiberius, 14 - 37 AD

Temple of Concordia / Legend surrounding S C

Comment- Concordia is seated by an altar. The hexastyle facade is set on a podium with stairs. Statues of Hercules and Mercury flank the entrance. The pediment is decorated with statues of Jupiter, Juno, Minerva and Victories. The wings of the cella (building with many rooms) with windows are behind. Tiberius restored the Temple of Concordia. Many works of art (statues) were placed in it.

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Julia Domna, died 217 AD
AE 27 of Sebastopolis-Heracleopolis, Pontus

Bust right / Sanctuary of Herakles

Comment- Price and Trell describe this reverse as showing two projecting wings that flank a courtyard to which access is restricted by a prominent barrier. Nice brassy surfaces with red and green spots.

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Nero, 50 - 68 AD

Bust left / Macellum Magnum

Comment- Nero built this two-story market. It's thought the central domed area was usually for the sale of fish in Roman markets. Statue at top of stairway.

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Romulus, died 309 AD

Bare head right / Domed shrine surmounted by an eagle

Comment- These shrines are also seen with columns. One door is open. It looks like a "campgate" with a dome-shaped roof.

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Galerius, died 311 AD
Silvered Follis

Veiled head of Galerius right / Shrine with closed doors, eagle on roof

Comment- This unusual-looking shrine coin has a rare officina B. I have seen the same coin elsewhere, but not in such good condition.