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C. Considius Nonianus, 57 BC
Silver Denarius

Laureate diademed bust of Venus Erycina right / Her temple on mountain summit, surrounded by city walls with gate

Comment- The goddess of love's temple was built in 215 BC in Erycina, Sicily. These coins may be the first examples of a city gate on a Roman coin.

Sidon, Phoenicia, 5th Century BC
1/8th Shekel

City walls of Sidon / Persian king drawing bow right

Comment- This tiny Greek coin is the earliest type of coin I've ever seen showing city walls. There is a war galley with a row of shields along the top, in front of the city wall. This coin is only 5/16" (8 mm) in diameter, yet look at the details along the top of the walls, the crenulated towers, the ship...right down to the king's facial features and even the points on his crown!

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Arcadius, 383 - 408 AD
AE 4, 11.5 mm to 13 mm

Obv: DN ARCADIVS, pearl-diademed bust right
Rev: GLORIA REIPVBLICE, multi-level "campgate", TES below, gamma to left

With good details on both sides, the first coin is the nicest I've seen of its kind. The second coin has a grainy surface, while the third coin has a shiny patina.

Comment- This unusual reverse may depict a tall wall with a door and 2 windows, or the upper layer could be a building that was actually within the city walls. Another possibility is that the lower layer represents the main gate in the city wall and the upper layer represents a section of the wall elsewhere that had 2 doors. The "turrets" are just a dot.

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  large obverse        large reverse

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Constantine I, The Great, 306 - 337 AD (left)
Constantius II, 324 - 361 AD (right)
AE 3's

Closed door "campgate" with arch over door, 3 "turrets" (left)
Open door "campgate" with 4 "turrets" (right)

Comment- While open door examples are frequently available, closed door examples are a rare find.

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Constantius I Chlorus, 293 - 306 AD
Silver Argenteus

Laureate head right / 4 tetrarchs sacrificing over tripod, behind them the city walls with 4 "turrets"

Comment- This rare variation has unusual looking "turrets", and the surrounding city walls are represented with blocks. Also, the arched doorway on the front wall is very noticeable. Great details!

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Galerius, 293 - 311 AD
Silver Argenteus

Laureate bust right / "Campgate" with three "turrets"

Comment- The common "campgate" design on a higher denomination silver coin.

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Galerius, 293 - 311 AD
Silvered Follis

Laureate bust right / "Campgate" with four "turrets" and an open door

Comment- The door of the gate looks like it's constructed of bars. It's raised at the moment, ready to be lowered into the closed position to keep out the enemy troops.

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Magnus Maximus, 383 - 388 AD
AE 14

Diademed draped bust right / "Camp gate" with two towers

Comment- This "campgate" definately has towers like the Provincial city gate coins, and not the so-called "turrets" (whatever they may be).